• Hebe

    Hebe 田馥甄 (Shanghai Only)

    Runner-up in 2000 in Taiwan’s Universal 2000 Talent and Beauty Girl Contest, Hebe Tien Fu-Chen, known popularly as simply Hebe, is the “H” of Taiwanese girl group S.H.E which sold over 15 million albums, released 12 albums and set ticketing records in each of their three concert tours. In 2010, Hebe released her solo album To Hebe.

  • ludacris


    Rapper, actor, and business mogul—Christopher Bridges, better known as Ludacris, possesses both remarkable ambition and talent. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Ludacris has built a career for himself that most can only dream of.

  • 30 Seconds To Mars

    Thirty Seconds to Mars

    Formed in 1998 by brothers Jared Leto and Shannon Leto, and later joined by lead guitarist and keyboardist Tomo Miličević, Thirty Seconds to Mars has since achieved widespread success and a dedicated fan following with their unadulterated hard rock sound.

  • P.K.14


    Formed in 1997, P.K. 14 is comprised of Yang Haisong on vocals, Xu Bo on guitars, Shi Xudong on bass, and Jonathon Leijonhufvud on bass. With a name that is a continuous play on words, primarily standing for Public Kingdom For Teens, P.K. 14 has a fun attitude that brings a youthful vigor to the Chinese rock scene.

  • 120days

    120 Days

    After originally forming a band in their hometown of Kristiansund, Norway under the name, The Beautiful People, in 2001, childhood friends Jonas Dahl, Arne Kvalvik, Kjetil Ovesen, and Ådne Meisfjord moved to Oslo a year later and reformed themselves as 120 Days.

  • carsickcars

    Carsick Cars

    Carsick Cars is a rock trio formed in March 2005. Since their first performance at Beijing University of Technology in May of that year, they have played every major venue in around China and also toured from Australia to America, including dates opening for Sonic Youth in Europe and Austin’s South by Southwest in 2010.

  • 何欣穗

    CiaCia 何欣穗

    CiaCia is a well-known and highly successful singer-songwriter hailing from Taiwan. She got her start in 1999 when she released her debut album, Miss Perfect, which immediately gained CiaCia recognition with the album earning nominations for “Best New Artist” and “Best New Producer” from the Taiwan Golden Melody Awards.

  • CNdY 1

    CNdY (Shanghai Only)

    Formed in 2010, CNdY pursues top-level concepts and configuration and produce cutting edge modern music. Honing the skills in the past two years through constant performance, CNdY has attracted a large following of dedicated fans throughout China.

  • For a Minor Reflection

    For a Minor Reflection

    A post-rock band from Reykjavik, Iceland, For a Minor Reflection is comprised of Kjartan Holm, Guofinnur Sveinsson, Elvar Jon Guomundsson and Andri Freyr Porgeirsson.

  • gold panda

    Gold Panda

    Gold Panda is an electronic musician who, though he only started writing beats and releasing his own material a few years ago, Gold Panda’s path to his current status as a celebrated electronic artist began during hours of downtime sitting behind the counters of various establishments.

  • Grandmaster Flash

    Grandmaster Flash

    Although the name Joseph Saddler may not be familiar to most, Saddler’s more recognizable moniker of Grandmaster Flash has practically become a household name—synonymous with such titles as hip-hop’s founding father, DJ legend, and music icon.

  • Hanggai

    Hanggai 杭盖

    In the Chinese music industry overwhelmed by superficial pop, NPR has dubbed the six-piece Hanggai as making new crossroads.

  • Iron Mic Logo 2010

    Iron Mic

    The Iron Mic was born over ten years ago in Shanghai and has evolved into one of the most influential hip-hop institutions in China. IM is a platform to support rap artists and plays a leading role in the growth and development of hip-hop culture and lifestyle in China. The original Iron Mic champ (and 3-time consecutive winner) MC Webber will be joined on stage at the NBA Street Jam by lots of special guests as well as live battles from China's new and upcoming underground MCs.

  • Lil Ray

    Lil’ RAY 张睿

    Lil’ Ray was born and raised in Beijing and fell in love with hip-hop culture at a young age. Scouring the city in search of new places to go digging in the crates Ray amassed an enormous collection of urban music and in the process developed his own style of gritty Beijing alleyway battle rap.

  • Marianne Dissard

    Marianne Dissard

    Marianne Dissard is a French-born singer-songwriter and filmmaker currently based in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Blending her two backgrounds, Dissard’s songs have been described as a unique hybrid of French chanson and Americana.

  • Mount kimbie-2

    Mount Kimbie (Shanghai Only)

    After releasing their debut album Crooks & Lovers in 2010, London-based Mount Kimbie jumped into the post-dubstep scene with their unique minimalist beats.

  • 南无乐队

    Nanwu 南无乐队 (Shanghai Only)

    Formed in 2007, Nanwu is a Chinese folk-rock band that combines myriad elements of both Chinese and Western musical motifs.

  • 万能青年旅店

    Omnipotent Youth Society

    Formed by a crew of locals and transplants in Shijiazhuang, Hebei province, Omnipotent Youth Society is a rock band whose stylistic influences run the gamut from the Blind Melon sort of American rock bands of the 90's to jazz, blues and psychedelic-noise.

  • Otakrew


    Otakrew is a Shanghai music collective comprising of DJs and producers Cavia, hBd, Ceezy, Heatwolves, and DJ Trix. Along with graphic designer Cheeri and visual artist Olivepixel, the crew is without a doubt bursting with creativity and talent.

  • Optimo-2

    Optimo (Shanghai Only)

    Optimo is comprised of the Glasgow-based duo JD Twitch and JG Wilkes. Each with over 20 years of DJ experience, the two are both highly respected for their memorable and ecstatic DJ sets.

  • 彭坦

    Peng Tan 彭坦

    Peng Tan grew up listening to the godfather of Chinese rock music, Cui Jian. In 1996, at the age of 17, he formed his first band, the Dada, in Wuhan.

  • Perfume Genius

    Perfume Genius

    Perfume Genius is the stage name of Seattle-based singer-songwriter Mike Hadreas. Whereas too much suffering can often break an individual beyond repair, in the case of Hadreas, hardships and darkness eventually pushed him to make music.

  • Rainbow Danger Club

    Rainbow Danger Club

    One of Shanghai’s most talented new bands, Rainbow Danger Club has been wowing Chinese and foreign music fans since the 2010 release of their debut EP, The New Atlantis. With the release of 2011’s full-length Where Maps End, they have established themselves at the forefront of a new generation of Chinese rock coming out of Shanghai.

  • uprooted sunshine

    Uprooted Sunshine

    Founded in November 2005, Uprooted Sunshine Soundsystem is Shanghai’s first and only reggae sound system. Comprised of 4 DJs and 4 MCs, the group’s sound covers everything from rock to roots to ska to dubstep.

  • 惘闻

    Wang Wen 惘闻

    Wang Wen is a Dalian rock band that combines sweet melancholic melodies, heavy guitars, and Chinese scales to create a culminating ambient sound.

  • weerd science

    Weerd Science

    Josh Eppard, working as a solo rapper under the name Weerd Science and the drummer for rock band Terrible Things, Eppard is best known for his drumming with rock band Coheed and Cambria, and was a founding member of the Woodstock, NY new prog outfit, 3 along with his brother Joey and studio engineer, Chris Bittner.

  • Yellowcard


    Formed in Jacksonville, Florida in 1997, and based in Los Angeles since 2000, Yellowcard is a multi-platinum selling American band.